Student Fees

Barrhead Composite High School Fees Schedule

School Fee Description School Fee Amounts
School Fee Amounts
Distance Learning/Work Experience Bond - per course175175
Band - Instrument Rental (Students can provice their own instruments)94.594.5
Volleyball - Jr Jags (Boys)7070
Volleyball - Jr Jags (Girls)7070
Volleyball - Sr Jags125125
Volleyball - Jr Gryphons (Boys)200220
Volleyball - Jr Gryphons (Girls)200250
Volleyball - Sr Gryphons (Boys)495495
Volleyball - Sr Gryphons (Girls)420420
Cross Country Running3535
Basketball - Jr Jags7070
Basketball - Sr Jags160160
Basketball - Jr Gryphons (Boys)250250
Basketball - Jr Gryphons (Girls)250220
Basketball - Sr Gryphons (Boys)600600
Basketball - Sr Gryphons (Girls)600550
Badminton - Jr Jags5055
Badminton - Sr Jags6075
Badminton Gryphons6030
Track and Field - Jags2523
Track and Field - Gryphons2525
Automotives Field Trip55
Cool Camp3530
Drama Festival - Jr High3535
Drama Festival - Sr High3535
English 20/30 Citadel Trip4040
Grade 7 - Field Trip2020
Grade 8 - Field Trip3030
Graduation Fees - Grade 127575
Jasper Ski Trip - Grade 9200200
Misty Ridge/Tawatinaw Ski Trip - Grade 92525
NAIT Field Trip55
Photography Trip - New York0900
Photography Trip - Vancouver2500
Physics 20 Field Trip - West Edmonton Mall3030
Physics 30 Field Trip - U of A Lab Experience2020
Out or Province Trip (Quebec)02560