School Handbook

The BCHS School Handbook contains important information for students and parents, including our expectations, policies and procedures.


Building Confidence, Honesty and Skills

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Principal: Slade Sekulich
Associate Principal: Greg Ferguson
Business Manager: Cara Fletcher


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School Foundation Statements

Mission Statement

We immerse students in a diverse and engaging learning environment. We strive to inspire the passion for discovery, the confidence to embrace challenges, and the skills to pursue success.


Believing that a better school helps build better communities, it is the goal of Barrhead Composite High School to develop each student intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally to his/her potential. Equally important is the responsibility for personal action, a respect for the rights of others, and a willingness to contribute meaningfully to the community. BCHS places a priority on the following values:

  1. Welcoming, Respectful, Safe and Caring School
  2. Education for All
  3. Diversity of Programs and Extracurricular Activities
  4. Being Responsible
  5. Respect for Self, School, and Community

We are:

  1. A welcoming, caring , respectful and safe environment
  2. Active and responsible citizens
  3. Skillful lifelong learners


Building Character, Honing Skills


Students, parents and school authorities have moral, ethical and legal responsibilities for ensuring welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments that respect diversity and nurture a sense of belonging and a positive sense of self.

School Map


1. Show consideration, courtesy and respect to others and their property:

  • respect teachers, support staff, janitors, bus drivers as well as their property;
  • respect your classmates. Treat them as equals and do not disturb others who are working or learning;
  • respect the elderly and be kind to younger children;
  • respect different ethnic and cultural groups;
  • respect your parents and help them in any way you can;
  • respect your environment. Use what is needed; dispose of waste in appropriate places;

In these ways you will do your part to ensure that your school is a respectful, safe and healthy place.

2. Be polite and use appropriate language and gestures.

  • Be courteous, friendly, polite, positive, and helpful to visitors

In these ways you will be showing people that they are welcome in our school.

3. Be honest and correct your mistakes.

  • Tell the truth – no matter what the circumstances
  • Keep your promises
  • Return what you borrow. Do not take other people’s belongings. If you find something, return it to the owner if you can find them or turn it into the office
  • Behave in law-abiding ways. School is not a place outside the law

In these ways you will be acting as a caring and responsible citizen.

4. Come to school prepared to learn and do your best.

  • Attend school regularly; be on time for classes
  • Listen attentively; ask questions if you do not understand
  • Review after each lesson, finish all your assignments on time and do them as neatly as possible

In these ways you will guarantee your best possible results.

5. Be proud of your school.

  • Actively participate in school activities and clubs. It is your spirit that will make them successful
  • Represent your school well – even when you are not in school. Remember that you are a Barrhead Composite student and whatever you do will reflect on all of us

In these ways you will be doing your part to make your school the best that it can be.

6. Follow the school rules

  • Student regulations are designed to ensure orderly conduct in and around school, to protect school property, to ensure student safety, to protect individual rights and also to adhere to the Board of Education policies and government (provincial and federal) laws. We are also expected to ensure that students not only learn rules of proper behavior, but also practice them.
BCHS Student Rights and Responsibilities
  1. I have a right to an education. It is my responsibility to do my best, listen, to learn, to practice, to complete school assignments and to graciously accept remedial assistance when necessary. I will respect the rights of others to learn by not disrupting or interfering with the instruction of my teachers or the learning of classmates.
  2. I have a right to feel safe and welcome, and to be treated with dignity and respect. It is my responsibility to treat others with honor and consideration. I will not laugh at, tease or put down other students, staff or adults.
  3. I have the right to hear and be heard. It is my responsibility to help maintain a calm, peaceful and quiet school. I will not interrupt, shout or make loud noises when others are speaking.
  4. I have a right to be safe and secure. It is my responsibility not to threaten or hurt the feelings of others.
  5. I have a right to free expression in learning about myself and others. It is my responsibility to learn about others and myself. I am free to express my feelings and opinions as long as I am not disrespectful, rude, or violating the order of the school or personal and public property.
  6. I have a right to be myself in this school. It is my responsibility to respect others as individuals and not to treat them unfairly.
  7. I have a right to privacy and to my own personal space. It is my responsibility to respect the personal property of others, and to accept their right to privacy.

I can expect that all these rights will be mine as long as I am exercising all my responsibilities.

Student Code of Conduct

(Reference PHRD AP 50-09)

  1. Gross misconduct, willful disobedience or flagrant disrespect will result in immediate discipline that may include suspension from school.
  2. Violation of the following regulations will result in suspension. Students under suspension will not be allowed to attend or participate in any school-sponsored activities.
  1. The use or possession of drugs or liquor on the school premises or being found under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited.
  2. Smoking or chewing tobacco on school premises (school yard and building) is prohibited.
  3. Illegal activities.

Additional guidelines for student behavior:

  1. Students exposing cigarettes or cigarette packages may have them confiscated.
  2. The use of profanity is prohibited.
  3. Boys and girls are expected to conduct themselves appropriately. Arms around each other, holding hands, hugging or kissing is not acceptable in the school.
  4. Students are requested to respect school property. Students who cause willful damage to school property will be disciplined and assessed repair costs.
  5. Students will not be called from class to answer the telephone except in emergencies. Messages may be left at the office.
  6. Students are requested to refrain from littering, and could be asked to clear and clean areas they have used.
  7. Students are to refrain from loitering in hallways or bathrooms.
  8. Eating in the gym, including the stage area, is not allowed.
  9. In general, Barrhead Elementary School is out of bounds to all Barrhead Composite High School students, except where access is required by class activities.
  10. Please note that lockers are the property of the school division and are subject to search or repossession if a students is suspected to be of possession of unauthorized, illegal, stolen substances or items.

Students not following the rules or not fulfilling their responsibilities, as a student and citizen of the school, may be removed from activities as determined by the principal.


Harassment is a type of discrimination, and can be behaviour or communication in any form, such as:

  • threats, intimidation, or verbal abuse
  • unwelcome remarks or jokes about subjects like your race, religion, disability or age
  • displaying sexist, racist or other offensive pictures or posters
  • sexually suggestive remarks or gestures
  • unnecessary physical contact, such as touching, patting, pinching or punching
  • physical assault, including sexual assault
  • intimidating hallway behavior

Harassment can consist of a single incident or several incidents over a period of time.

Harassment will be considered to have taken place if a reasonable person ought to have known that the behavior was unwelcome.


Don’t ignore harassment. Report it to the principal.
If you are harassed, there are several steps you should follow:

  1. make it clear to the harasser that his or her actions are unwelcome
  2. document your case. Keep a written record of the incidents, including times, places and witnesses
  3. contact the principal
Dress Code

Every student attending BCHS must dress appropriately and respectfully for a learning/work environment.

  1. Students may not wear clothing that displays offensive material such as; Profanity, Obscene Gestures, Discrimination, Sexual Reference, Anti-social Values, or Promotion of Alcohol or Drugs.
  2. It is important for students to be comfortable; however, clothing must cover the torso appropriately regardless of gender or activity. Transparent clothing is not acceptable and underwear should not be shown.
  3. Teachers and administrators are responsible for carrying out this policy at school. Students may be asked to reverse, cover or change clothing or may be sent home to change if necessary. Parents may also be notified of inappropriate dress.
  4. Parents are responsible for monitoring what their children are wearing to school, ensuring that it is appropriate and providing alternate clothing when requested by the school.
Tobacco Use

Students and adults are prohibited from smoking within any Pembina Hills Public Schools No. 7 buildings and on any Pembina Hills Public Schools No. 7 grounds.
The use of chewing tobacco is NOT permitted on school grounds.

Bus Rules

The Transportation Department wishes to ensure that all students enjoy a safe and trouble free ride. All students are expected to behave in a reasonable and responsible manner, and will follow the driver’s directions while the bus is enroute. Students are responsible by law to the driver and the principal for their behavior.
REMEMBER: School bus transportation is a privilege – not a right. Please treat it that way.

When possible, please advise your bus driver when students will not be on the bus.


Safe behavior on the bus requires that:

  1. Students remain quietly in their assigned seats.
  2. Arms, legs, head and/or other objects are to be kept inside the bus.
  3. Playing of radios, tape recorders, etc. is prohibited, however, students may use headphones at reasonable volume levels.
  4. Students are expected to respect property and the dignity and space of others.

Disruptive behavior causes driver distraction and creates a safety hazard.

Attendance Expectations

As provincially legislated, children between the ages of 6 years (at September 1) and 16 are required to attend school. Additionally, students over 16 registered at BCHS are expected to attend school. Generally, students are free to leave during the noon break.

Regular class attendance is a highly significant factor in student achievement. Significant absences are likely to have a detrimental effect on the student’s success. For this reason, BCHS strongly encourages students to attend school regularly.

PERMISSION to leave school during SCHOOL HOURS

Students may be granted permission by the school administration to leave school for appointments outside the school, provided the school receives a note or phone call from a parent or guardian explaining the need and reason for such an absence. The validity of the reason given and whether the student is granted permission to leave will be at the discretion of the school administration. Examples of valid reasons would be to write a driver’s exam, or for attending a medical or dental appointment. It is anticipated that requests to leave school will be kept to a minimum.


The decision as to when a late is inexcusable is left to the school administration. The following examples will provide guidelines: excusable – car/bus breaks down, bus arrives late, emergency at home, power off; inexcusable – sleeping in, riding in a car at noon and car breaks down, waiting for lunch at a restaurant

Truancy/ Absenteeism

Students who are truant or excessively absent from school will also be subject to discipline as outlined by the school division procedure.

Attendance Policies and Procedures

Students are expected to be in class on time on a daily basis including Extended Learning Time* (see page 15). Repeated refusal to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action that may include withdrawal from courses or school, a failing mark assigned, and/ or suspension.

  1. The responsibility for regular attendance rests with the student and the student’s parents/guardians. Student absences that occur without any notification may result in the recording of an unexcused absence. The school will inform parents if regular attendance is not occurring.
  2. Parents/Guardians have the responsibility to notify the school in advance of any absences to ensure consideration is given to any upcoming assignments or exams.
  3. Students who are absent for exams and assignments are responsible for contacting their teacher (s) on the first day back and for making arrangements to complete work missed.


  • The classroom teacher will discuss attendance expectations with their students at the beginning of each semester.
  • Teachers will record all absences for every class on the attendance form. Absences will be recorded in the office.
Computer and Internet Policy

To insure the best educational experience when using a computer and accessing the Internet, the following practices and guidelines which comply with the Pembina Hills Computer Use Policy, will be followed by the staff and students of Barrhead Composite High School.


Students are expected to abide by the generally accepted rules of network etiquette. These include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Computer and Internet users will review or download only information, computer software, or images that are classroom related, have educational value and are consistent with division educational goals. No games may be downloaded.
  2. Be polite. General school rules and policies for behavior and communication apply as they do in the classroom or hallway. Do not send abusive messages to others.
  3. Do not reveal your personal address or the phone number of students or colleagues.
  4. Do not use the computer or network in any way that would disrupt the use of the network by other users.
  5. All communication and information accessible via the network should be assumed to be private property.
  6. Handle the computer equipment with care and respect.


  1. Attempt to tamper with other people’s data or to gain unauthorized access to data on the Internet, the File Server, or the Hard Drive.
  2. Reconfigure or change setups in any computer system.
  3. Use, submit, publish, display, or transmit on the network or any computer system any information which:
    • violates or infringes on the rights of any other person, including the right to privacy
    • contains defamatory, false, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, pornographic, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, racially offensive, or otherwise biased, discriminatory or illegal material
    • restricts or inhibits other users from using the system

Barrhead Composite High School reserves the right to inspect and review computer files if it has reasonable cause to suspect that a student or employee is using the computer for illicit or illegal purposes, or for purposes in violation of the policy. The school authorities may conduct such inspection when deemed necessary, without notice, without consent, and without a search warrant. Students and a Parent/Guardian must sign a consent form for computer use and Internet access.

General Information


If a student becomes ill or injured while at school, the following procedures will be followed:

  1. The student(s)’ immediate needs are attended to by qualified school staff.
  2. A parent/guardian will be contacted; upon approval of the parent, the student will be sent home.
  3. If a parent/guardian cannot be reached, the student will be made as comfortable as possible at school. If injury or illness appears serious, student will be transported to the hospital emergency department.


The school cafeteria serves all students and staff. It is open from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Students are expected to clean up after themselves. Garbage is to be placed in garbage cans. Students are also responsible for cleaning any area where they use within the cafeteria. Students utilizing cafeteria services are still accountable to to be in class on time.


Fire Drill, Shelter-In-Place, and Lockdown procedures are posted in each classroom. Students are required to become familiar with these procedures. The school will complete practices of these procedures during the year.


Comprehensive intramural and extracurricular sports programs are offered. Some programs are offered at no-cost, while others will cost to participate. During noon hours, students have the opportunity to compete in various sports. Noon hour leagues have been designed to maximize participation. The school competes with many other schools in such sports as basketball and volleyball where the activities take place outside of regular school hours.

We offer a wide variety of things to do at noon, afterschool and on weekends. The list below are some of the activities we have offered when volunteer coaches are available. Extracurricular school teams represent our school in many sports, and participation in such is regarded as a privilege. Interested students should check with their physical education teachers for specific information.

  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Curling
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Track & Field
  • Skills Canada Competition
  • Concert Band
  • Travel Club
  • Grad Committee
  • Robotics Club
  • Intramurals
  • SADD


Hours 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
The Barrhead Composite High School library is fully computerized and is networked to other libraries via the Yellowhead library services. The library can access the holdings of other libraries and the media center. Students are encouraged to use library materials and services for class work and their own enjoyment. Library materials include reference works, vertical files, fiction and non-fiction books, magazines, CDs, videos, maps and career information. Library services include assistance in locating materials and doing research. Please ask for assistance if required.

Students using the library are requested to be prompt in the return of borrowed books and to adhere to library regulations. Continued negligence in return of books and in the payment of fines may result in the suspension of library privileges. All materials are due back prior to summer vacation. Should a student fail to return the borrowed books, replacement cost will be charged.


Each student is assigned a locker and a lock for his/her use during the year. Lockers should be locked at all times. We have extensive community use of the school on evenings and weekends and cannot guarantee the security of student belongings. The school is not responsible for articles missing from lockers. Students may not exchange lockers without office staff approval. As the locker is the property of the school division, the school reserves the right to search and/ or repossess locker(s) in cases of emergency and disciplinary investigations without notice.


While there are no “Textbook Rental” fees in the coming school year, there are occasional fees associated with activities such as field trips are due and payable at the time of registration. In any case, it is the student’s responsibility to care for and return all school materials at the end of the term or upon leaving the school. Students are liable and shall pay for any lost/damaged materials.


Student parking is a privilege on school property, and permitted west and north of the school in designated areas. Staff and visitor parking is permitted in front of the school in the designated parking area. Vehicles violating these restrictions may have privileges suspended and risk being towed away at the owner’s expense. People who park vehicles blocking a fire lane are parked illegally and are subject to towing at owner’s expense.


Scheduled Parent-Teacher Interviews are formally held twice a year. These conferences involving the teacher, parent, and student are productive in assisting student progress. Parents may arrange an interview at any time during the school year by contacting the office.


The use of mobile phones and other personal electronic communication devices has increased in school. Inappropriate use of text messaging and disruptions to instructional time have necessitated that mobile phone usage be restricted to noninstructional areas and times. Use of personal tech/communication devices (cell phones, smart watches, ipads, etc.) during instructional time is not permitted. Students are expected to keep these devices turned off and stored in their lockers or backpacks. This applies to all areas on campus. Personal communication device usage during non-instructional time (breaks and lunch) is allowed. Students who fail to follow the policy are subject to the following consequences:
1st offense: device confiscated by the teacher for the remainder of the class.
2nd offense: device confiscated in the office until the end of the school day.
3rd offense: device may only be given back to parent or guardian after meeting with administration.
Teachers will have a box, basket, or other designated area where devices can be placed if brought to class.


Because our student information system is internet based, it is possible to view your child’s attendance and performance record in the comfort of your own home on a regular basis. For more information, please contact the school office and ask for personalized password to access your child’s information. Students and parents are encouraged to enroll in PowerSchool’s regular communication process to stay informed of progress or changes.


Hours 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
School guidance is available to assist students with educational, vocational, career and personal issues. Students may drop in but extended support are requested to make an appointment. The services of school psychologists are available on a limited basis to test and counsel students. Appointments are to be arranged through the student services department.


In the office is a free phone with restricted access to all numbers toll free in Barrhead. Students may access office phones for emergency situations.


The Superintendent is responsible for the decision to close schools. Major radio stations and principals will be contacted for dissemination of the news. If school buses do not operate, schools will still remain open.


Becoming an active member of the Students’ Council or the Sprit Group is an effective way to learn the basic philosophy of participation in a democratic form of government. The main purpose is the promotion of student activities. Other aims include assistance in solving school problems, development of harmonious relations between students and staff members, and the development of habits of good citizenship. Throughout the school year the different Leadership Teams coordinate all extracurricular clubs, dances, class competitions, special days, theme activities, student assemblies and other special events. It is the umbrella organization for all school clubs. The Students’ Councils actively support charities at the international, national and local levels. Students are encouraged to become involved and participate in these activities.


Visitors are required to report to the General Office to receive permission to be in the school. Persons unlawfully on the premises may be charged with trespassing under the Alberta School Act.


Payments for damage to school property or loss of school property will be the responsibility of the student, based on replacement cost.


Surveillance cameras have been installed in the school. They are for the protection and safety of staff, students and the property. The cameras function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  1. Buses will be made available for school activities where possible under the present policy. Transportation fees will be assessed based on the nature and length of trip.
  2. When school buses are provided for transport to school functions, students shall not ride in private vehicles unless with a parent or another adult with parental and school permission.
Jr. High Program

Grades 7-9


Every student in junior high school is required to take a basic core program, which is made up of six subjects. They are:

  • Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Health

These subjects take up 1200 of the 1600 minutes of the instructional time per week. The remaining 400 minutes are devoted to elective courses.


Alternate programs/courses are available to students in BCHS who, despite putting forth a determined effort, have difficulty experiencing success in the regular program. Please call Student Services for more information.


Complementary courses are adapted to the interests of the pupil, the needs of the community and the special abilities of the teachers. Under their present structure, complementary courses are not meant to be remedial.


Students must be prepared to do some schoolwork at home if they are to be successful. Home study should be on a regular basis if it is to be beneficial. It is strongly recommended that students set aside at least one hour each evening for study purposes.


*Please refer to PHRD policy on assessment (AP 60-10)
To ensure that students are treated fairly and justly, the following procedures are followed:

  1. At the beginning of each school year the students are given the following information by their teachers:
    1. Course content and/or units of study.
    2. Evaluation procedures with weighting assigned for various facets or required term work and the final examination (unless exempted).
    3. Other criteria to be used in evaluation.
  2. Students are asked to bring information to their parents’ attention.
  3. Students receive comparable treatment from one class to another in the same course in terms of:
    1. Course objectives and content.
    2. Evaluation procedures and criteria.
    3. Standards of achievement.

Grades are available on PowerSchool on a daily basis (depending on individual updates). Parents are asked to contact the teacher with any questions regarding student progress and evaluation. A final year-end report card will be issued.


Examinations play an important and necessary part in the evaluation of student performance. In view of the importance of examinations, the following policy has been adopted.


  1. A student who has missed an examination during the school year, may immediately upon his/her return to school, be granted permission to write the missed examination provided the absence was excusable as defined by the attendance regulation of BCHS. Students with inexcusable absences may be awarded a zero.
  2. Teacher(s) may request that a student write a missed examination regardless of the reason for the absence.


Due to the importance of final examinations, an examination period has been scheduled at the end of the school year to write such examinations. Final examinations shall be scheduled and administered in Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. However, final examinations may be scheduled and administered in other subjects.


Provincial Achievement Tests are administered annually at BCHS in May and June in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. The dates at which tests may be administered are within a window of time for both Part A and Part B, set by the school superintendent.


Students shall be excused from writing final examinations with no penalty if their absence from school is due to:

  • Personal illness of the student (supported by a medical certificate), Serious illness or death of someone in the student’s immediate family (must notify the principal),
  • An Act of God – will be considered on an individual basis by the principal.

If a student misses the final examination for any of the above reasons, the mark for his/her year’s work will become the final mark.


An awards presentation during the school day will occur in October. Students who are involved in a full time in class program would be eligible for the following awards:

  1. John Hohol: Presented to a Grade nine student who has achieved academic excellence (highest marks); with a reputation for mature personal relations with both staff and students.
  2. Principal’s Awards: Presented to a grade seven and a grade eight student who has achieved academic excellence (highest marks), with a reputation for mature personal relations with both staff and students.
  3. Honor Roll – Grade Seven, Eight and Nine:
    -To obtain honors, a student must have an 80% average in all subjects with no mark below 70%.  The four option classes combine to form one grade in this calculation. – To obtain honors with distinction, students have earned marks of over 90% in all four core academic subjects (Math, Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies.)
  4. Citizenship Awards: Based on student service and attitude towards school community and learning. Teacher nominated.
  5. Merit Awards: Presented to students in each grade who works hard academically, displays a positive attitude and practices citizenship skills.
  6. Awards may be presented in the following: Art, Home Ec, Drama, Music, CTS and possibly others.

Athletic Awards: Qualifications are athletic ability and performance, leadership and character

  1. Rookie Athlete – Outstanding grade seven male and female athletes.
  2. Stuart Larkins – Outstanding grade eight male athlete.
  3. Marge Hawkey – Outstanding grade eight female athlete.
  4. 1Ron Pate Memorial Award – Outstanding grade nine male and female athletes.
Sr. High Program

Grades 10-12

Students are encouraged to meet with the school student services department and the school administration to discuss appropriate course selections and timetabling issues.


To ensure that students are treated fairly and justly, the following procedures are followed:

  1. At the beginning of each school semester the students are given the following information by their teachers:
    • Course content and/or units of study.
    • Evaluation procedures with weighting assigned for varius facets or required term work and the final examination.
    • Other criteria to be used in evaluation.
  2. Students are asked to bring information to their parents’ attention.
  3. Students receive comparable treatment from one class to another in the same course in terms of:
    • Course objectives and content.
    • Evaluation procedures and criteria.
    • Standards of achievement.


Students will receive course outlines and evaluation procedures from each of their teachers during the first week of instruction in each semester. Progress Reports will be issued monthly, and student progress is available on PowerSchool for parents and students. Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held in each term. Semester-end Final Exam Schedules are posted well in advance. Students may not reschedule final exams, except in the case of serious illness confirmed by a medical certificate, or extenuating circumstances approved by the principal. Students who miss examinations, quizzes, assignments, etc. due to absences MUST, upon their return, meet with the respective teacher(s) to make alternative arrangements.


Full-time students (38-40 credits in grade 10/11 and 30 credits in grade 12) are eligible for Honor Roll. Students must have an average of 80% or higher, from teacher awarded marks, in six BCHS courses: four core classes (English, Math, Social, Science(s)) with no mark below 70% and any other two classes, each with a minimum of five credits, including CTS courses. Individual circumstances can be considered by the BCHS Principal.


The selection of courses is a very important decision. It is expected that students will explore all avenues and utilize the school resources before making the decision to drop a course.

  • Approval from the student’s parent, sending teacher, and receiving teacher, are required.
  • Students who drop a course may be assigned to TLC to complete a VV course (caution fee required) in order to maintain credit count.
  • Students are not permitted to drop courses 6 weeks into the semester.
  • Students can be removed from a course by administration only after 6 weeks into the semester.


All grade 10 students must have full timetables.

Grade 11 students (or any student enrolled in CALM 20) may have one, every other day, because CALM 20 is a 3-credit course.

Grade 12 students may have one spare in each semester, which is used for academic purposes.

Students should not be loitering in the foyer or hallways during class time.


The school discourages part time employment in most circumstances. Jobs can interfere with homework completion, add to student fatigue and prevent participation in school activities.
According to a study by Employment and Immigration Canada, part time work above 15 hours a week seems to increase the likelihood of a student dropping out of school. School is a full time job. More than one full time job is difficult to manage successfully.


With increased use of on-line sources, we are also experiencing an increase in plagiarism. PHPS has an administrative assessment policy which deals with this.  The teacher and the school administrative team will deal with each situation independently. Students plagiarizing are subject to discipline.


All final exams are compulsory. If a student fails to write a final exam, a grade of 0% will be used for the final exam component of the final grade. Exceptions due to medical problems, or extenuating circumstances will be ruled upon by administration. Exams are scheduled over the last few days of each semester. Students are not required to attend school during this time if they are not writing scheduled exams. Those wishing to study quietly are most welcome to be in the school.


  1. At the school level:
    1. The first appeal should be made in writing to the school principal within one week of the time final standings are released to students. The written appeal shall outline the reason(s) for making the request. The school principal shall acknowledge receipt of the appeal and indicate to the student the expected date when a decision with regard to the appeal will be reached.
    2. The school principal shall confirm in writing the outcome of the appeal to the student (guardian/parent) and Superintendent.
  2. Appeals at the school system level:
    1. All appeals at the school system level shall be carried out as quickly as possible. Should a student not be satisfied with the outcome of an appeal made to the school principal, the student may request a hearing from an appeal committee.


Graduation is held at the end of June. Students will be placed on the grad list only if they are enrolled in the necessary courses and have the credits necessary to fulfill graduation requirements. A list of potential graduates is created early in semester two. Any student who is currently enrolled in the required courses, with the potential to achieve 100 credits, will be placed on the graduation list. This list is reviewed throughout semester two to ensure students maintain their graduation eligibility.

  • In order to participate in graduation ceremonies at BCHS, students must successfully complete a minimum of 15 credits of classroom instruction in BCHS during their grade 12 year.
  • Students who attend BCHS Outreach School are also eligible to participate in graduation as long as they have met the requirements set out in the BCHS Outreach School Handbook.
  • Students who are registered in a Vista Virtual course required to meet these requirements are advised to complete these courses in the first semester. If taking a VV course in semester two, students must complete the mid-term exam and be on track to complete the online course by June 1st in order to take part in graduation ceremonies.
  • Detailed Academic Records will be given to the grade 12 students during the first semester. It is their responsibility to ensure they have the necessary graduation requirements.
  • Students must be passing (50 % or better) all courses required for graduation by June 1st of the second semester. Failure to meet this requirement will result in removal of the student’s name from the grad list and the student will not be allowed to participate in the grad ceremonies or be included in the Grade Book.
  • The Graduation Council is elected by the grade 12’s. The council is responsible for graduation day activities. The duties include producing a grad book, organizing the ceremonies, and being a liaison between the parent committee (who are responsible for the banquet and social evening) and the grad class.
  • Additional information is available in the graduation handbook.

A class Valedictorian is selected by BCHS. This student is chosen by considering character and academic standing, including eligibility to graduate and school awarded marks.  The diploma exam results are not factored in because the June writing results not yet available.

*Please note that students with outstanding financial obligations at the school are required to pay those off before being allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.



Several awards and scholarships are available to the students of Barrhead Composite High School. These are determined by the Awards Committee and staff and are given out in October after graduation. This enables selection to be made on the basis of achievement on final examinations in both semesters. Qualifications for the majority of these awards are based upon future educational plans, financial need and academic achievement. Application forms for Awards and further details may be obtained from the Barrhead Composite High School Student Services and office. Academic awards (grade 10 & 11 students from last school year) are now presented in October.  The grade 12 students that have received honors will receive their certificates at Grad in June.


There are many scholarships available for BCHS students. Students should access the student awards handbook for a listing of the awards and the website:

Bell Schedule

For the Jr. High schedule, we will alternate between Week A and Week B for the entire year to allow for balancing of the overall class periods for subjects that occur every second day.