Off-Campus Education

email the off-campus coordinator (Nicole Bondarchuk)

Barrhead Composite offers a number of courses for students to receive high school credit for learning opportunities outside of the classroom. The most common one is Work Experience, but there is also RAP (Registered Apprenticeship Program) and the Green Certificate Program.
Students must apply for off-campus education. Contact Mrs. Bondarchuk for the appropriate application form (also see the forms below!)
The pre-requisite 1 credit course for Work Experience & RAP is HCS 3000 – Job Safety
The pre-requisite 1 credit course for Green Certificate is AGR 3000 – Agricultural Safety
Contact Mrs. Bondarchuk to start the pre-requisite courses.
Student / Parent Information For Work Experience & RAP

BCHS Steps To Work Experience 2021

BCHS Steps to RAP 2021

Off-Campus student application form to be filled out for any off-campus – work experience, RAP or Green Certificate.  Deadline for summer work experience is the end of the second week of June (to give time for paperwork to be filled out and signed.)

Off-Campus Work Agreement to be filled out for any off-campus: work experience or RAP, to be completed once a placement has been decided (by Mrs. Bondarchuk with your employer – then must get signed and handed back in to Mrs. Bondarchuk)

Off-Campus Learning Plan (Work Experience Only) to be completed once a placement has been decided (by Mrs. Bondarchuk with your employer – then must get signed and handed back in to Mrs. Bondarchuk)

Monthly Time sheet Blank Copy (Work Experience Only)

Midterm Evaluation Sheet Blank Copy     (Work Experience Only)

Final Evaluation Sheet Blank Copy            (Work Experience Only)

Parent Information Package for Off Campus Education


Employer Information For Work Experience & Rap

Employer Information

Introduction notes for the employer

Description of Employability Skills

To ensure a safe learning environment, the off-campus coordinator will contact the employer to complete a safety inspection form.

Injury Reporting

Injury reporting

In the event of an injury, please refer to this document.

Registered Apprenticeship Program Specific Information

RAP allows students to start their career while in high school.  More information on apprenticeship training and RAP can be found at Students must apply online for their apprenticeship at Tradesecrets as well.  A student must create an Alberta MyDigital ID before they start their application.  If they have any questions, they should contact the off-campus coordinator.  If employers have specific apprenticeship/RAP placement questions, they may also contact Charity Volman @ Careers: The Next Generation.

Assessment sheet for RAP will be used as a guideline by the employer to assess the student. The final grade is still generated by the off-campus coordinator.

There are two items for assessing – employability skills and trade-related skills.  Employers need to complete both forms for their placement upon completion of each 125 hour block.  Something new has to be be added and assessed during each block of hours.  These could be employability or trade-related.  The employer should consult with the off-campus coordinator when in doubt.  These assessment forms are also the basis of the learning plan for the student.

Employability Skills Assessment form assessment plan

blank RAP learning plan and assessment form can be used when items do not fit on the skills form or the trades form

Trade Assessment Forms

Agricultural Equipment Technician

Auto body Technician

Auto Service Technician (AST)








Floorcovering Installer



Heavy Equipment Technician (HET)

Instrument Technician



Iron worker Metal Building Systems Erector

Landscape Gardener



Motor Cycle Mechanic

Outdoor Power Equipment Technician

Painter and Decorator

Parts Technician


Recreation Vehicle Service Technician

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic


Sheet Metal Worker

Sprinkler System Installer

Tile Setter

Transport Refrigeration Technician


These pages have been taken from the Off-campus Education Handbook from Alberta Education

Green Certificate

Students who actively participate in beekeeping, cow-calf, dairy, equine, feedlot, field crop, irrigated crop, poultry, sheep or swine operations can participate in the Green Certificate program. Follow this link for more information. registration form.