The Band Program at Barrhead Composite High School (BCHS) has a long history in Barrhead.  Over the years, the BCHS Band has won numerous awards, exposed the community to a variety of musical styles and experiences, and helped many students grow in their skill and love of music.  The Band Program receives incredible parent support through the Barrhead Band Boosters who raise funds and building community awareness of BCHS Band.

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Upcoming Events and Performances for 2018-2019

Wednesday, September 12 (7:00):  Parent Information Night/ Band Booster Annual General Meeting and Chocolate Sales Begin

Friday, November 9:  BCHS School Remembrance Ceremonly (Grade 9/Senior Band)

Sunday, November 11: 10:00 am (East Gym) Barrhead Legion Community Service (Grade 9/Senior Band)

Tuesday, December 11  7:00 pm:  December Concert (All BCHS Bands)

March 18,19: Camp Nakamun Grade 7/8 Band Camp

Week of March 13: Music Festival (Barrhead Rotary and other)

February 1-March: Fruit Sale

April 29-May 5, 2018: Senior Band Trip to Nova Scotia and PEI

April 15 2018: Pembina Hills Powerband (hosted by R.F. Staples School)

Tuesday, June 4, 2019:  Year End Concert (All BCHS Bands)

Links to 2018-2019 New Repertoire

Grade Seven Band:

Ayre and Dance:



Grade Eight Band: 

Refiner’s Fire:

Footprints on the Moon:

Arabian Dances:

One Foot:

Celtic Air and Dance:

Senior Band:

Remembrance Day:Ghost Fleet:

Christmas: Adventum:

Celtic Wedding:

Variants on an English Sea Song:

This is Me:

We May Rise:

Selections from “Dear Evan Hansen”

Cold Play Classics:

Michael Jackson Hit Mix:

On a Hymnsong of Phillip Bliss (Festival)

September 2018

Thank you for checking out our BCHS Band Page!  During the year, I will be posting newsletters, concert and trip information etc… so that you are able to stay informed about activities and expectations. I will send home paper copies of these, but just in case they don’t make it home…..

I am looking forward to an inspiring year!

Reminder: BCHS musicians will wear band uniforms for all public performances.  Grade 7 and 8  band members will be given a band sweater just prior to the performance. To go with this, they are asked to have a white shirt (with collar to support a tie), black dress pants, black socks and dark shoes.



The following list is intended to be a guide as to what supplies will be necessary this year in band.


  • Flute Players:  Cheesecloth – to be used to swab the inside of the instrument
  • Clarinet Players:  Pull swab for cleaning ($5.50) Reeds ($3.00 each) Cork grease ($2.00)
  • Saxophone Players:  Reeds ($3.00)
  • Brass Players:  Valve Oil ($5.00) Tuning grease $2.00)
  • Percussion:  Sticks ($10.00)


Higher quality reeds for senior players will range from $3.00 to $4.00 per reed.

Other supplies such as reed guards, polishing cloths, neckstraps etc, can also be purchased at school.  All supplies are sold at cost and are only available for your convenience.


Grade Seven and Eight Band Members:

White shirt with collar to support a tie (boys style works best)

Black dress pants, black socks, black (or dark) shoes

Black tie

Blue BCHS band sweater (given just prior to performance and rented from the program for $5.00 to cover the cost of cleaning)

Grade 9 and Senior Band:

White shirt with collar to support a tie

Black dress pants, black socks, black (or dark) shoes

Black tie

Blue BCHS band jacket (rented for $5.00 payable to Barrhead Band Boosters)



Instrumental Music – Course Outline


Teacher:          Mrs. Kerri-lee Kostiw ( or home phone 780-349-3568

Goal:   To provide students with an opportunity to learn a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument within an ensemble setting.

Course Objectives:     Through this course students will realize the following musical skills.

  • A musical tone.
  • Proficiency in reading and playing rhythms found in the repertoire.
  • Proficiency in reading pitches within the student’s range and repertoire.
  • Attention to musical details such as phrasing, dynamics, articulation, balance.
  • Fundamentals of playing posture and instrument positioning.
  • Fundamentals of performance such as taking musical direction from the conductor, concentration and listening skills.
  • Knowledge of theoretical aspects of music applicable to the repertoire studied.

Evaluation: Students will be evaluated on the following areas.

  • Daily performance in class (60%)
  • Attitude in class and participation in concerts (20%)
  • Playing tests (10%)
  • Written tests (10%)

Practice: Regular practice is essential to improvement as a musician. It is helpful to the student if he or she has a place to practice at home with a proper chair and music stand (or a way to hold the music that is similar to a music stand).

Materials:  Method books, scale sheets and repertoire will be provided in the student’s band folder. When in the music room, the folder is to be stored in the folder slot assigned to the student. Instrument cases are to be stored in the storage room. Students are asked to keep a pencil in their music folder for use in class.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about your child’s progress, or any other aspect of the music program, please contact me at any time. I look forward to an inspiring year of music!