Student Services

Barrhead Composite High School’s Student Services team aims to provide a convenient place for students, parents, and staff to access information regarding services and supports available throughout the junior and senior high years. Some of the services we provide:

  • help provide academic intervention through completion of secondary education
  • schedule classes appropriate to student’s academic and career needs and goals
  • help students and parents understand and complete post-secondary applications and scholarships
  • develop skills for the workforce with Work Experience, Green Certificate and the Registered Apprenticeship Program
  • help students understand career opportunities
  • provide one-on-one social and emotional guidance for students
  • help students and parents access appropriate resources in the community

Both academic and social/emotional support is available.  To book an appointment or refer a friend to the BCHS counseling team, please click here to complete a referral form.

Our Student Services team members are:

Mrs. Amber McGinn

Mrs. Jordan Mazereeuw

Mrs. Nicole Bondarchuk

Mrs. Trudy Gammel

Mrs. Darleen Olson