School Council

Barrhead Composite High School
School Advisory Council


New positions for this school year are Kim Teha – Chair; Ashley Steinkey – Vice-Chair; Karen Bell – Secretary and Barbara Gitzel – Assistant Secratary.

To confirm meeting times, please check the calendar on the Barrhead Composite High school website.

January 11, 2023
March 1, 2023
May 3, 2023

You may contact our school council by emailing:

Our new email address is

Click here to view our meeting Minutes and the current meeting Agenda


School Advisory Council Purpose Statement

The Barrhead Composite High School Council has been established under the articles in the Alberta School Act.  Specifically, our purpose is:

  1. To provide effective support for the improvement of learning in the Barrhead Composite Junior and Senior High School.
  2. To identify and communicate to the public on educational issues and concerns, and to promote the school in the community
  3. To support and contribute to the development of a common vision, philosophy and operational procedures.
  4. To contribute to the development of the policy of the Pembina Hills Regional Division #7.
Roles of the School Advisory Council

School Advisory Council members work together to ensure the best possible education opportunities for all students at the Barrhead Composite Junior and High School

The School Advisory Council provides advice and consultation to the school principal, students, teachers, and community regarding priorities, programs and policies that are needed to meet and enhance student learning.

We are not involved in employment issues, nor do we manage day-to-day operations of the Barrhead Composite High School.

We look for ways to enhance education and improve our school environment, making suggestions to the principal and school board in an advisory capacity only.

Why Be Involved With the School Advisory Council?

School Advisory Council works to   generate a strong community spirit. All parents who have a child attending the Barrhead Composite School are members of the School Advisory Council.  It is an excellent way to ensure the school, parents and community stay connected

Community spirit creates a learning environment where students feel the commitment of their fellow students, their principal, teachers, parents, and other community members.

This shared commitment will make the common goal of better education a reality.

Communication Between Parents and the School

The school website is your best source for day to day information on school activities.  The website includes: a monthly calendar, the daily bulletin and how to contact anyone at the school.

In addition to the website, there is a calendar printed in the Barrhead Leader every month with the events of that Month.

You can also track your child’s progress on PowerSchool.  His/Her marks will be posted per course.

Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews are also essential to communication.  Attendance to these interviews assist in communicating to Teachers and Parents exactly what is required of the student to allow them to succeed to their full potential.

How can you, as a Parent, help?

Assist the School Advisory Council by attending Meetings.

Our meetings for this school year will occur on December 1, 2021; February 23, 2022; April 13, 2022 and June 1, 2022. All meetings start at 6:30 and are held in the Staff room.

For Confirmation of the meetings feel free to check the calendar on the Barrhead Composite High school website.