Thursday Sept 24 – Bring Twonies for Terry Fox

Thursday Sept 24 is the BCHS Terry Fox walk.  Help us celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Terry Fox Marathon of Hope by bringing $2 to raise funds for Cancer research.


At twenty-one years old, Terry Fox began his Marathon of Hope in St. John’s Newfoundland. Terry ran through rain, snow, sleet, heavy winds and hail as he made his way west towards British Columbia. He woke up every day at 4am and ran 12 miles and then had breakfast, took a nap and ran the remaining 14 miles. Terry ran a marathon a day, every day, for 143 days. Can you imagine? Terry persevered through these challenges because he knew he had to do something to help those living with cancer. He will certainly always be remembered as a true Canadian Hero because of his courage and determination. Let’s keep his dream alive and have an amazing Terry Fox Run this year! – Terry Fox Foundation

Posted on: September 22nd, 2020