Outdoor Ed 9 made the trip to Teen Time Ranch

On the warmest cold day of March, Jr Outdoor Ed 9 made the trip to Teen Time Ranch to explore with Mr Perry Kulmatyski and the Alberta Trappers Association. They had the opportunity to collect firewood in the brush, in order to build a parallel fire lay, and put their Science 8 simple machine skills to the test with fulcrums and leverage. From here, they learned how to make a fire in a survival situation (because Mr Ferguson had hypothermia after his nature walk), with a single paper match, using spruce branches, cattail fuzz, and birch bark. They also had the opportunity to walk with nature, and make observations of things like squirrel, rabbit and mouse tracks. Lunch was hot dogs enjoyed back over that parallel fire, and then they observed different survival shelters a prior winter camp had crafted. Back at the chapel, the students had the opportunity to rapidly craft a Roycroft backpack, using three sticks, a piece of rope, and a handful of jam knots.

Posted on: March 10th, 2023