Agriculture 9 field trip to the Vermillion Campus of Lakeland College

Agriculture 9 took a field trip to the Vermillion Campus of Lakeland College on January 17. While there, they got a tour of the learning facility and classrooms, the Trades department, the Interior Design and Environmental Sciences buildings, and then out to the student-led farm. They were taken inside the Cow-Calf barn, where their purebred animals had started to calve, based on decisions of the student team in charge of the beef production operations. Finally, they toured the dairy barns and learned about the milking parlour, watched the cows enter the robotic milking machine, and checked out the pens of replacement dairy calves. Lakeland also received a large financial donation, which has allowed them to expand their bison program and they are working with drone technology and thermal imaging to be able to do illness detection in their herd. It was a long day on a bus but the opportunity to explore a post-secondary learning community in a rural setting was worth it! 

Posted on: January 19th, 2023