BCHS March Newsletter

March 8th, 2018

March 2018 Newsletter

Parent Teacher Interviews

Semester II parent/teacher interviews are scheduled for March 8 and March 14 from 3:30 to 6:30 pm each evening.  Interviews will be scheduled in ten minute intervals for each teacher.  To schedule your interviews, please visit the school website “barrheadcomposite.ca”.  Navigate to “School Appointments” where you will be able to register and select appointment times that suit your schedule.  If you are unable to access the internet or are having difficulty with the online system, please call the school for assistance.


Grad Photos

The LAST DAY to order grad photos through the Portrait Photography program at BCHS will be March 15.  Any orders after that will have to be done through the online ordering system and you will be charged for shipping and handling.


Band Notes

Thank you to the community for supporting our Fruit Sale fundraiser.

Our bands will be performing at the Barrhead Rotary Music Festival. The Senior Band will be performing on Monday, March 12 at 1:50 pm.  The Grade 7 Band will play on Tuesday, March 13 at 10:11 am followed by the Grade 8 Band which will perform at 11:31 am the same day.


Student Leadership

Barrhead Composite Leadership Group is fundraising with Purdy’s Chocolatier, just in time for Easter.  If you’d like to support us through purchasing some very sweet Easter gifts for friends, family and yourself, please use the following link:   https://www.purdysgpp.com/11201.  After you have signed in you can buy our amazing chocolates or invite others to join and support our Fundraising Campaign.  Orders need to be in by March 8, and will be available to pick up at BCHS on March 22, 2018.  Students can also pick up catalogues at the school from Mrs. Carr.  Thank you very much for your support!


MADD Presentation

Mother’s Against Drug Driving will be making a presentation at the school on March 15 at 2 pm.  The presentation is entitled “The Pact”.  Its’ purpose is to:

  • UNFOLD the real consequences of driving involving alcohol and/or drugs.
  • PROVIDE the students with the tools needed to act responsibly in real situations involving alcohol/drugs.
  • PRESENT the stories of real victims and survivors who deliver compelling testimony
  • MOTIVATE young people to protect themselves against dangerous drivers.

These presentations can be emotional for some students.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Ladan at the school.


Grade 9 Ski Trip

The annual Grade 9 ski trip to Marmot Basin/Jasper takes place from March 21 to March 23, 2018.  Thank you to our parents and staff members for the time and effort dedicated to making this trip possible.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact your child’s Physical Education teacher.


Cool Camp

Teens are under constant pressure to make important decisions regarding things such as drugs, alcohol and sexual behavior.  We, as parents, community members and school staff, cannot make the decisions for our children but we can do our best to prepare them and teach them the skills necessary to make choices.

Each year a workshop called “It’s COOL to Know Your Way in a Relationship” is presented to the Grade 8 students as a major component of the Health curriculum.  This workshop takes place in a camp setting, away from the school environment, where students are encouraged to discuss and participate in activities around the topic of human sexuality.  Trained high school teen leaders act as role models while leading the activities.  COOL Camp 2018 will be held on March 22 and 23.  Thank you to all volunteers, presenters and organizers.  If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Ladan, School Counsellor, at the school.


Accessible Parking

We have an accessible parking space at the end of the walkway that leads to the main school office.  The curb at this spot is painted blue and there is an accessible parking sign by that space.  This parking space must be kept available for students, parents and community members who require this space; only vehicles that have an accessible parking placard may park in the accessible parking space.  Thank you for working with us to ensure that our school is as accessible as possible for all.


School Parent Council

The March meeting of the School Parent Council is scheduled for Monday, March 12 at 7:00 pm in the BCHS Library.  Please join us!

Early Dismissal

The early dismissal day for March is Wednesday, March 21.  Classes will dismiss at 2:19.


Contact Information

If the contact information for your child has changed (your mailing address or phone number) please inform the school office at 780-674-8522.  Thank you for continuing to advise the office when your child is absent from classes.


Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the school’s operation, please contact Mr. S. Kaplan (Principal), Mr. P. Raju (Associate Principal) or Mrs. C. Assenheimer (Associate Principal/Student Services) at 780-674-8522.  If you have any questions about your child’s classes, please contact the teacher.



March 2-3 – Junior Varsity Basketball Zones at BCHS

March 9-10 – Senior Gryphon Basketball Zones at BCHS



March 5 – PD Day – No School for Students

March 8 & 14 – Parent/Teacher Interviews

March 12 – School Parent Council

March 14 – Grade 8 Field Trip to Telus World of Science

March 16 – School closed

March 21-23 – Jasper Ski Trip – Grade 9

March 22-23 – Cool Camp – Grade 8

March 21 – Early Dismissal

March 26-April 2 – Spring Break