Student Services

“Helping schools, families and community agencies work together to provide meaningful services that encourage students and their families to make healthy choices.”

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Student support services focuses on the needs of the whole student encouraging personal, social, and emotional growth as well as educational/career awareness for all students from Gr. 7-12

Supports are provided by a number of people, both within and outside of the school structure:

Mrs. Charlene Assenheimer, Mr. Prakash Raju, Ms. Susan Wegner, Mr. Ed Tobin and Mrs. Cara Piers (Assistant) coordinate academic supports for all students. They are responsible for tracking student progress and providing supports as necessary. Mrs. Assenheimer also supports our Program Assistants who work hard to support student success with a wide variety of gifts and talents.

Miss Margryt Rispens and Mrs. Karen Ladan are the BCHS Counsellors.  Miss Rispens is available every morng and Mrs. Laden is available every afternoon. They provide problem solving strategies, consultation andreferral  information for students, staff and parents.

Mr. Raju is the High School Completion Liaison.  He works with senior high students to develop plans, strategies and supports to achieve course completions and high school completion.

As BCHS Career Technician, Ms. Wegner coordinates career fairs /events and also provides career-related and post -secondary info and support for students and staff. She is also the Off-campus Coordinator. Check the Off-Campus Education link to find out more about this program at Barrhead Composite.

Des Bozak is the coordinator of our TLC (The Learning Centre).  She supervises and coordinates additional credit modules from a wide variety of subjects.

Shannon Schmidt coordinates ESL (English as a second language) and K & E (Knowledge and Employability) courses both on-line and in modular form.

BCHS also accesses numerous out of school supports, as is needed. Examples of these supports are: Mrs. Trudy Gammel (Family School Liaison), Robert Hynes (RCMP Resource Officer), Don McGillivray (Behavioural Consultants), Darleen Olson (FNMI First Nations, Metis, Inuit), Vernice Aitken (FASD Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder & WRaP Working to Reinforce all Partnerships) and Brenda Dillman (District Student Services Representative).